Want to commission your own art print from an audio file of your voice?  Epic Frequency allows you to do just that.  If you are not one for words and believe somebody has already said it best you can opt for the many epic recordings they already have on file.

Each custom print is on a beautiful, gallery wrapped canvas like all other Epic Frequency prints. It measures 48×18  or 32×12 inches and includes a sturdy hanging wire for display.

Print Type: 1.5″ Gallery Wrap Canvas Print
Finish: Satin Finish
48″x18″ Gallery Wrap    $399.00
32″x12″ Gallery Wrap   $249.00
Shipping remains $30 for custom prints to the United States. Canada and UK shipping options are also available.
Epic Frequency was an idea between friends that started in 2008. Nathan Moore and Bill Seaver were publishing a monthly podcast and one evening after a recording session wrapped up they started talking about the “cool design in the recording software made by the audio.” That sparked a conversation that grew into what eventually became Epic Frequency. Over the next two years they talked about the idea on and off and finally got more serious about it in 2010. Nathan and Bill worked on it periodically between their own businesses and in 2012 they officially launched Epic Frequency.
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